International Development Projects

As the national gas transmission system operator and the carrier of the Croatian gas transmission system development, Plinacro gives exceptional attention to the new supply projects and connections with gas systems of the neighboring countries - i.e. interconnections.
Based on what was previously mentioned, Plinacro itself was the bearer of the idea and the driver of the Ionian-Adriatic Pipeline (IAP) project development, which creates prerequisites for the establishment of a new gas supply route from the Caspian region and the Central East in order to supply the markets of Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. Furthermore, with the implementation of the Ionian-Adriatic Pipeline project, gas would be transported to the southernmost part of Croatia, thereby increasing the efficiency of the Croatian gas transmission system due to the opening of a new natural gas transit route for the neighboring countries.
The LNG terminal project on the island of Krk transcends Croatian needs and is even more than a regional project due to the fact that the idea grew into a trans-regional, European project through connections of the Croatian and the Polish LNG terminal, and the Baltic - Adriatic concept. Plinacro has been giving full support to this project, while its role focuses on the development of the system of evacuation pipelines for LNG, i.e. transit to the neighboring countries.
The construction of the gas transmission system up until now, as well as its future development, aims to ensure its readiness for connection to any supply project, which aims to link Croatia to the gas systems of the neighboring countries, as well as to engage it in the European trends and natural gas markets.