Investment division

The Investment Division consists of two organisational units: Engineering Department and Project Management Department.


The Department employees participate in the preparation of investment projects, planning, drawing up of documentation for the preparation of construction of facilities and drawing up of project tasks for the environmental impact studies, expert support documents and designing. The Investment Division organises the preparation, coordination and management of investment projects in compliance with the set time schedules of Plinacro, from the preliminary solution phase to the takeover by the Gas Transmission Division. The Division is also in charge of obtaining necessary permits, conditions and approvals from relevant bodies, preparation of technical specifications for all phases of project and harmonisation of technical elements of public tendering with consultants.

In the phase of project implementation, the Investment Division is in charge of coordination of works performance and equipment instalment to maintain the achieved quality standards and technical characteristics of devices and equipment of the Company, as well as for the implementation of supervision of designing, taking into account technical and other harmonisation among various projects, all in compliance with standards applied in Plinacro.

Moreover, the Division deals with coordination of construction time schedules with all participants in the construction, the procedure of equipment procurement commencement and the works contracting in compliance with the investment plan, as well as with the reports preparation on achieved investments.

Within the Division the “Project teams” are organised as the need requires, to solve complex tasks related to investments, with pre-determined requirements regarding the results, quality, terms and costs, which require the involvement of experts and specialists from different professions. A team has a temporary status as an organisational unit for the set duration. If required it consists of the employees of Plinacro’s other organisational units.