Capacity management division

System and capacity management


The Capacity Management Division is in charge of continuous supervision and managing the gas transmission system, coordination of all activities done on the system and for managing the transmission capacities. The Division is organised in three functional units: the National Dispatching Centre, the System Management Department, and the Capacity Management Department.

The National Despatching Centre is in charge of the continuous operative supervision of the gas transmission system, to provide safe and reliable transport, and to make available contracted transmission capacities for each individual customer. The Centre supervises and controls the entire gas transmission system through the remote supervision and control system, i.e. approximately 25% of energy in Croatia. The continuous supervision and control is performed by experienced dispatchers, 24 hours a day, 365 days in a year. The technical basis of the Dispatching Centre is the System of the remote supervision and control of the gas transmission system which consists of SCADA system (remote supervision and control), Technical-Information System (TIS), Geographic Information System (GIS) and special functions IT programme system (hydraulic calculations and forecasts).

The System Management Department provides professional support and detail preparation for daily activities of the National Despatching Centre. In cooperation with other divisions, they perform coordination of all activities and prepare detailed plans for the works on the gas transmission system, which are required to maintain the service quality, and which have to be coordinated in time so as to decrease their impact on the continuous gas transmission process. The System Management Department is also in charge of technical functionality and availability of the System of supervision and control of the transmission network including the telecommunication systems and telemetry.

The Capacity Management Department performs activities regarding the access of new customers to the transmission system and supervision of the contracted transmission capacities use. For this purpose they estimate requirements to access the transmission system and perform calculations of technical, reserved and free transmission system capacities. For the Capacity Sales Department, for the purpose of the supervision of the contracted transmission capacities use, they perform calculations and comparisons of announced and performed natural gas flows and draw up support documents for the calculation and payment of the service in compliance with the valid tariff system. The Capacity Management Department participates in the activities of other divisions and departments in Plinacro, related to development of the existing gas transmission system and the preparation of the new transmission capacities construction.