Transparency - Regulation 715/2009

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3.1.2. (a) Services and charges
3.1.2. (b) Transportation contracts types
3.1.2. (c) Network code and relevant documents
3.1.2. (c) 1. Transportation contracts and other relevant documents
3.1.2. (c) 2. Gas quality
3.1.2. (c) 3. Pressure requirements
3.1.2. (c) 4. Interruptable capacity
3.1.2. (d) Usage of transmission system
3.1.2. (e) Capacity allocation, congestion management and anti-hoarding
3.1.2. (f) Secondary market
3.1.2. (g) Rules on balancing and methodology for the calculation of imbalance charge
3.1.2. (h) Flexibility and the tolerance levels included in the service of transmission or other services without additional charge​
3.1.2. (i) Description of transmission system
3.1.2. (j) Connection to transmission system
3.1.2. (k) Extraordinary situation
3.1.2. (l) Procedures at the interconnetions
3.1.2. (m) Methodology used to calculate technical capacity
3.4.(2) Conditions for secondary market transactions
3.4.(3) Imbalance of TS users and imbalance charges
3.4.(6) Tariff calculator

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