Zlobin – Bosiljevo

The Zlobin - Bosiljevo DN 800/100 bar gas pipeline is a closed technological system constructed from steel pipes with a nominal diameter of DN 800 and is dimensioned in accordance with the operating pressure of 100 bar. The entire length of the gas pipeline is constructed as an underground installation, with the exception of the construction or reconstruction of existing overhead facilities at the sites of installation of block stations (BS), measuring-reduction stations (MRS), launching and receiving scraper traps (MČS) and gas nodes (PČ). The total length of the main gas pipeline Zlobin - Bosiljevo is 58 km.

The starting point of the main gas pipeline is located at the Zlobin gas node (PČ), and the final point at the Bosiljevo gas node (PČ). The main gas pipeline passes through the Primorje-Gorski Kotar and Karlovac Counties and is laid in the area of the town of Bakar, the municipality of Fužine, the municipality of Lokve, the town of Delnice, the municipality of Ravna Gora, the municipality of Skrad, the town of Vrbovsko and the municipality of Bosiljevo. The main gas pipeline is located along its entire length in the existing corridors of the main gas pipeline Pula - Karlovac DN 500/75 and the JANAF oil pipeline.

The planned activity in the space includes: Planned completion of construction: 2nd quarter of 2025

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