Projects of Mutual Interest (PMI)

With the Energy Strategy from 2012, the Energy Community (EC) determined the future energy scenario of the Energy Community countries.
In order to obtain an integrated energy market and attract investments in the sector, the List of the Projects of Energy Community Interest (PECI) for electricity and transport, gas transport, storage, LNG / CNG terminals and oil infrastructure was established.
The first List was established in November 2013. 
Although the Republic of Croatia is no longer a member of the Energy Community, Plinacro's projects are on the List of the Projects of Mutual Interest (PMI). PMI projects connect the Energy Community member states and the EU member states on the projects whose implementation is in the interest of both parties.
Plinacro´s projects on the PMI List:
1. Ionian-Adriatic Pipeline (IAP)
2. Southern interconnection HR/BiH (Zagvozd - Imotski - Posušje - Travnik with the branch to Mostar)
3. Northern interconnection HR/BiH (Slobodnica - Brod – Zenica) 
4. Interconnection HR/Serbia (Slobodnica - Sotin - Bačko Novo Selo)