International Activities

Plinacro's international activities are comprehensive and take place on various levels, through the institutions and working groups of the EU and the Energy Community, and include participation in international projects, direct cooperation with the similar foreign companies, membership and work in international professional associations and active participation at international professional conferences.
A significant part of the activities is carried out under the auspices of the competent Ministry of Economy, as well as in cooperation with it. While this was previously primarily related to the operation of the Energy Community, Croatian accession to the European Union intensified the activities in a number of organizations and working groups of the gas energy sector of the European Commission and, after Plinacro became its full member, in the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG). 
Plinacro has accomplished significant international activity by working on the new supply projects, including the Trans Adriatic Pipeline and the Ionian-Adriatic Pipeline projects, as well as LNG terminal project in Omišalj. Apart from Croatia, countries such as Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina also participated in the Ionian-Adriatic Pipeline project, which was conceived and initiated by Plinacro itself and has become a leading regional project. With its preparation, besides the aforementioned international cooperation, Plinacro accomplished enviable cooperation with a number of foreign companies such as EGL, TAP, Shah Deniz 2 and Socar.
The longest and the most enduring international activity of Plinacro is related to cooperation with similar companies, primarily gas transmission system operators. Plinacro primarily cooperates with the operators the systems of which are connected to our system, the Slovenian Plinovodi (Geoplin) and the Hungarian FGSZ, but also with those with which there are plans for direct connection of the systems, joint participation in projects or some form of professional cooperation, including BH-Gas, Res Gas, Srbijagas, Gazprom, Gaz-System and ITG.
Plinacro's experts, apart from participating in the previously mentioned ENTSOG's activities, actively participate in the work of other international professional associations, such as the International Gas Union (IGU) and United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Gas Centre (UNECE Gas Centre). Participation of Plinacro's representatives in numerous international assemblies, conferences and forums has also been noted.