Plinacro's Corporate Responsibility

Since its establishment, Plinacro opted to do business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, making continuous efforts to meet its current needs without jeopardising the possibility of future generations to achieve the same.

Through its business activities, Plinacro strives to achieve the best value, not only in the financial, but also in social, environmental and ethic sense. It constantly improves its business quality system, takes care about the safety and protection of health and environment, invests significant resources in the development and education of its employees and contributes to worthy projects in its community.

By adopting the principles of modern corporate management and sustainable development in general, we have adopted a commitment to further continuous development of long-term active policy of socially responsible business activities.

We are thereby confirming that social responsibility is our permanent commitment. In the years ahead we will strive to be a reliable partner in the community by actively cooperating and responding to its expectation.