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Protection of your privacy and your personal data is very important to us; therefore, we pay special attention to this in all business processes. We respect confidentiality of your personal data and always act in compliance with the applicable provisions of law, other regulations and the latest practice in the field of personal data protection.
The aim of this Policy is to provide you with precise information on how the PLINACRO Ltd. Company, with the registered office in Zagreb, Savska cesta 88a, OIB: 69401829750, entered into the court register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under no.: 080304171 (hereinafter: Plinacro) handles personal data it gets in touch with, as well as the information on your rights in the field of personal data protection.


Many legal regulations ensure your right to privacy, and among them, in particular, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), GDPR Implementation Act (OG 42/18), Directive on privacy and electronic communications and Electronic Communications Act (OG 73/08, 90/11, 133/12, 80/13, 71/14, 72/17). Furthermore, in article 37 the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia identifies the right to protection of personal data to be a fundamental right of all natural persons (OG 56/90, 135/97, 08/98, 113/00, 124/00, 28/01, 41/01, 55/01, 76/10, 85/10, 05/14).
Plinacro harmonised its business activities with the above stated regulations and it devotes special attention to the protection of personal data.


Personal data is any information on a natural person based on which this person can be identified, directly or indirectly (e.g. name, residence, personal identification number, or a photo).
Personal data processing represents each activity performed with personal data (e.g. collecting, publishing, storing and deleting).
A data subject is a natural person whose personal data are being processed.


Plinacro processes your personal data only based on the valid legal grounds, solely for the purposes for which this data was collected and to the extent which is necessary. Such data are erased, i.e., destroyed when no longer needed for the fulfilment of the purposes due to which they were collected, that is, upon the expiry of a legal obligation of data storing.
In some cases we will need your consent for data processing. In this cases you freely decide if you wish to grant approval for the relevant processing and you may withdraw the given consent at any time, thus disabling further processing of your personal data. The consent cannot be general and must be requested from you for each intended processing purpose separately.
In most cases Plinacro does not need your consent since there are other stipulated obligations, that is, rights for conducting data processing (e.g. use of specific personal data of natural persons when concluding an agreement with these persons).
In any case, in compliance with General data protection regulation, when collecting personal data we will inform you about the purpose of such personal data collecting, time period for which such data will be stored and all other information relevant for data processing. This information will be provided to you in a concise, understandable and easily accessible form.


When processing your data we pay special attention to protecting them from unauthorised access and deliberate or accidental destruction or damage. For this purpose we use advanced organisational and technical protection measures. We have also adopted internal policies, binding for all employees, which guarantee that your personal data will be handled professionally.


Plinacro processes personal data within the Republic of Croatia.
Personal data is never sold to anyone.
When it is our legal obligation, or necessary for achieving the purpose of processing we deliver necessary personal data to other legal entities (e.g. specific personal information on employees must be delivered to the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute). These entities must not use personal data for any other purposes.
Pursuant to General Data Protection Regulation and the common business practice of most companies, Plinacro has the right to engage other legal entities for certain personal data processing. Such legal entities conduct processing on behalf of Plinacro (e.g. IT companies maintaining information systems or companies conducting psychological testing of candidates within the employment procedure). With these entities we enter into special contracts which bind them to carry out their activities in compliance with the requirements from the mentioned regulations and the latest practices in the field of personal data protection, and regulate mutual relations in detail. Since in these cases there is possibility of performing the processing outside the Republic of Croatia we engage only firms whose business activities are subject to legal application of General Data Protection Regulation. As it concerns you, your personal data are processed only by Plinacro. The mentioned entities cannot use your personal data for any other purposes.


Plinacro has appointed a Data protection officer who is independent and as such acts in the interest of protecting the rights of data subjects and their personal data.
Please, feel free to contact the Data protection officer for any questions you may have concerning your personal data which Plinacro is processing. Contact details of the Data protection officer are publicly available on our website.


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Plinacro does not use cookies to determine your identity, that is, collect your personal data.
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You are entitled to information which refers to processing of your personal data and request an insight into, and copy of, your personal data processed by Plinacro.
If any of your personal data is incorrect or it changed subsequently (e.g. residence) you have the right to request rectification of such data.
In cases determined by the General Data Protection Regulation you have the right to require erasure of personal data, limitation in their processing, transfer to other legal entities as well as to submit an objection to the processing of such data.
A Request for exercising these rights is to be delivered to the Data protection officer.


Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency is responsible for the supervision of the implementation of national regulations and EU regulations in the field of personal data protection in the Republic of Croatia. If you believe that any of your rights related to personal data protection has been violated we invite you to contact our Data protection officer, so we can determine whether the violation has occurred, and, if so, to eliminate the violation as soon as possible. You also have the right to submit an objection to the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency.

Possible amendments to the Privacy policy will be published on Plinacro website.

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