Transmission System Management

Director: Ivana Marković

Transmission System Management is responsible for the centralized supervision and management of the transmission system as well as for the activities concerning capacity sales.

The continuous operational supervision of the transmission system and management of the technological process of gas transmission is being performed through the National Dispatching Centre (NDC) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This Division performs coordination of all activities concerning maintenance and construction of gas pipelines and transmission system facilities that have impact on the transmission system operation. They make plans for the management of the transmission system in special conditions, perform activities related to monitoring and control of gas quality in the transmission system as well as the activities concerning transmission system balancing.

This Division performs business processes that refer to exchange of information with gas market participants in the procedures of booking and contracting transmission system capacities, nominations for transmission system use, allocation of measured daily gas quantities, capacity trade on the secondary market, reporting to the users, calculation of the fees for the transmission system use as well as other activities in compliance with the valid legislation. In addition, the Division is responsible for drawing up and implementation of the contracts on gas transmission and transmission system services, for invoicing the fees for the contracted and used transmission capacity as well as other services of the transmission system in compliance with the legislation.

Furthermore, the Division is responsible for the monitoring, harmonization and application of the EU and Croatian legislation regulating performance of energy activities Plinacro is dealing with on the gas market as well as for the coordination with the competent ministries and state bodies in the procedures concerning harmonization of the legislation and submission of requests for determining, that is, modification of the amount of tariff items for gas transmission and submission of information and documents in compliance with the stipulated methodology for determining the amount of tariff items for gas transmission.