Plinacro Ltd.

By performing gas transmission as its main activity, Plinacro guarantees safe, reliable and high quality supply of natural gas from the entry point into the gas transmission system to off-take measuring-reduction stations of gas distributers and direct and eligible customers.

Plinacro is in charge of supervision, maintenance, development and construction of the entire gas transmission system, and of other activities necessary for the technical functioning of the system.

Plinacro operates 2544,43 km of high-pressure gas pipelines, 50-bar and 75-bar system, 5 entry measuring stations, compressor station, 156 exit measuring-reduction stations and a state-of-the-art National Dispatching Centre, a centre of remote supervision and managing the entire gas transmission system.
Operative control of Plinacro infrastructure is carried out through five gas transmission regions: 

and the Transmission System Maintenance and Storage Department located in Ivanić Grad as well as through the mentioned National Dispatching Centre.
Plinacro currently employs 267 people.