Estimate of total imbalance at the end of gas day

The transmission system operator announces the estimated total imbalance, which comprises the remaining imbalance for gas day D-1 and the estimated imbalance for gas day D in the period from 9:30 to 22:30.

The stated data are for informational purposes only. The transmission system operator does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the announced data and cannot be held liable for damage resulting from the use of the announced data.

NOTE:  If, due to technical problems, the transmission system operator cannot publish an estimate of the total deviation at the end of the gas day, if necessary, the OTS will undertake balancing actions in the next available time slot. For more detailed information, please call 091/2181-812.

From 18.01.2023. the limits of the estimated total imbalance are +/- 2.800.000 kWh.

We inform you that from 10.10.2023 data on "Estimation of total imbalance", instead of the Plinacro's website, is published on SUKAP publishing site.