Price of the gas transmission service

The price of the gas transmission service is determined pursuant to the Methodology for determining the amount of tariff items for gas transmission (hereinafter: the Methodology) taken by the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency (hereinafter: the Agency).
The Agency takes a Decision on the amount of tariff items for gas transmission (hereinafter: the Decision) for all years of the regulatory period and publishes it in the Official Gazette and on its website at least ten days prior to the beginning of the regulatory period.

Plinacro calculates a fee for the use of the transmission system and a fee for exceeding the contracted capacity and sends the account and invoice for the gas transmission service to the transmission system user by the 15th day in the current month at the latest for the previous month in compliance with the Methodology, the Decision and General terms for the use of gas transmission service, which make Appendix 1 to the Network Code of the Transmission System.
The applicable Methodology (link), which is fully applied as of 1 January 2021, has been harmonised with the NC TAR Regulation from which it takes over the terms 'reference price', 'reserve price', 'seasonal factor' and 'multiplier', so that in the account Plinacro applies the following: Amount of tariff items can be found here.
Reference and reserve prices can be found here.