Bosiljevo – Sisak

The gas pipeline Bosiljevo - Sisak DN 800/100 bar is a closed technological system constructed from steel pipes with a nominal diameter of DN 800 and is dimensioned in accordance with the operating pressure of 100 bar. The entire length of the gas pipeline is constructed as an underground installation, with the exception of the construction of overhead facilities at the sites of installation of block stations (BS), launching and receiving scraper traps (MČS) and gas nodes (PČ). The main gas pipeline will be laid in the Karlovac and Sisak-Moslavina Counties, and will pass through the municipalities of Bosiljevo, Generalski Stol, Barilović, Krnjak, Vojnić, Gvozd and Topusko and the towns of Glina, Petrinja and Sisak.

The gas pipeline will be laid in the corridor of the existing JANAF main oil pipeline. The length of the gas pipeline will be approximately 101 km.

The planned activity in the space includes:


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