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The documents, data and information published on www.plinacro.hr web pages may not be reproduced, distributed or in any way used in commercial purposes without express consent of Plinacro Ltd. (hereinafter: Plinacro) or in any manner that may cause any damage to Plinacro or any third party.

The documents, data and information published on these web pages may be used solely for individual purposes of users respecting the copyrights and property rights as well as third parties’ rights.
The information published by Plinacro on these pages is deemed to have been accurate and reliable at the moment of their uploading.

However, it is possible that the information published on these pages may not be completely accurate, true or reliable at the moment the user approaches it. Plinacro may update or modify any data on these pages at any time and without a prior notice.

By using the contents of these web pages the user accepts all risks arising from the use of these web pages and agrees to use the contents of these web pages solely for personal purposes and at its own risk. Plinacro entirely disclaims any liability that may in any way arise out of or is in any way connected with the use of these web pages. It also disclaims any liability with regard to any action of users connected to the use or misuse of the contents of these web pages as well as any damage that a user or a third party may incur due to the use or misuse of the content of these web pages.

Along with the documents, data and information these web pages contain also links to other internet pages created by third parties which are to be marked as such whenever possible. Plinacro does not have a control over the abovementioned documents, data, information or other Internet pages at all and therefore it fully disclaims any liability including but not limiting to accuracy, completeness and accessibility of the contents on the Internet pages created by a third person.

By using the www.plinacro.hr web pages users are deemed to be familiar with and to agree with these terms of use.

Plinacro reserves the right to alter the contents of these web pages and shall not be responsible for any consequences which may arise from such alterations. 
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