Description of the transmission system

The transmission system controlled by the transmission system operator, Plinacro Ltd., consists of international, main, regional and connecting gas pipelines and facilities at the gas pipeline, measuring-reduction stations (MRSs) of various capacity and other facilities and systems enabling safe and reliable operation of the transmission system.
By the existing organisation and the territorial distribution of the transmission system technical and technological aspects are harmonised with the needs of the transmission system users, to provide safety and reliability of the gas transmission and delivery, with optimised maintenance and operation costs.
The transmission system of the Republic of Croatia, controlled by the transmission system operator, Plinacro Ltd consists of the following segments: 
Transmission system basic information:
The transmission system of the Republic of Croatia
Number of transmission system operators          1
Total length of the gas transmission system pipeline          2 544,43 km
Interconnections / transmission system operator:
  • Rogatec / Gas pipelines d.o.o. (SLO)
  • Drávaszerdahely / FGSZ Ltd. (HU)
Underground gas storage / storage system operator:
  • Okoli / Podzemno skladište plina d.o.o.
LNG Terminal / terminal operator:
  • Omišalj / LNG Hrvatska d.o.o.
Entries from domestic production / gas producer
  • UMS CPS Molve / INA d.d.
  • UMS Etan, Ivanić Grad / INA d.d.
  • UMS PS Gola / INA d.d.
  • UMS Terminal Pula / INA d.d.
  • UMS Ferdinadovac / Ina d.d.
Number of connections for end customers connected to the transmission system:
Number of connections for distribution systems and the number of operators of distribution systems:      Number of connections: 163
     Number of operators of DS:  31
Number of balancing areas:         1

Transported volumes (historical data)

                          (u GWh)
  • 2022:  41.040
  • 2021:  35.198
  • 2020:  36.050
  • 2019:  34.194
  • 2018:  32.787
  • 2017:  35.893
  • 2016:  30.686
  • 2015:  29.269
  • 2014:  28.013
  • 2013:  31.870
  • 2012:  34.694
  • 2011:  35.160
  • 2010:  35.988
  • 2009:  33.459

The list of entries into the transmission system and exits from the transmission system, names of operators of connected systems, nominal pressures  (from 15.05.2023.)

In order to provide high level quality of gas transmission service and high reliability and safety of transmission system operation, operative supervision of gas pipelines and associated facilities on the field are carried out systematically, as well as the continuous supervision and control from the National Dispatching Centre in Zagreb.

The National Dispatching Centre (NDC) has been equipped with a state-of-the-art system for supervision, control and data acquisition (SCADA), which is by its own telecommunication subsystems (microwave and radio-connections and optic-communication system), over remote stations, connected with the key technological facilities of the transmission system.

The SCADA system, together with the programme support for hydraulic simulation of the system in real time, enables to experienced dispatchers continuous 24-hour supervision over the technological process of gas transmission, providing them with the information on the current technological parameters, required to take a correct decision in due time and direct remote control of separate facilities of the transmission system.

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