Transmission System Maintenance and Development Division

Director: Antun Kranjčec
Performing activity of natural gas transmission through the Croatian transmission system is in the competence of the Transmission System Maintenance and Development Division. The Division operationally monitors, maintains, and manages 2544.43 kilometres of the gas transmission system in 19 counties, over 450 overhead transmission system facilities, including the compressor station, 156 measuring-reducing stations through which the gas is delivered to the system users.
Additionally, the Division is in charge of planning and preparation of the projects concerning the national transmission system and the interconnections with the neighbouring countries (including all technical documentation and the coordination of the process of obtaining the necessary permits and approvals), management of the construction of transmission system facilities as well as geodetic affairs. The Division is responsible for cooperation with the ministries, European institutions and Croatian companies regarding energy conditions, approvals and development of the system and intensive cooperation with the representatives of state administration and local government. It is also the holder and coordinator of the company’s international activities including the work performed in professional institutions, that is, working groups of the European Commission as well as the preparatory activities concerning the access to the EU funds.
The Division consists of the Development and Investment Department, Transmission System Maintenance and Storage Department and the Gas Transmission Department, which includes:
• Velika Ludina Compressor Station Business Unit,
• Gas Transmission Region Eastern Croatia with the head office in Donji Miholjac,
• Gas Transmission Region Central Croatia with the head office in Ivanić Grad,
• Gas Transmission Region Northern Croatia with the head office in Zabok,
• Gas Transmission Region Western and Southern Croatia with the head office in Rijeka.