Pupils from the high school “Ivan Švear” from Ivanić Grad visited Plinacro´s gas node Kutina

Around thirty pupils from the high school “Ivan Švear” from Ivanić Grad, accompanied by four teachers, visited yesterday Plinacro´s gas node (GN) Kutina 1. The visit was organized as a part of practical classes for the pupils of 2nd and 3rd classes, enrolled in following programmes: electric equipment with applied computing technician, electrical fitter and electro – machine technician. On this occasion Plinacro´s employees introduced them to the company itself and its activities, primarily to a gas transmission organizing.

The pupils also had chance to visit facilities of GN Kutina 1 which is one of the most important Croatian gas transmission system nodes. Namely, the relevant gas node is important for delivery of gas to one of the largest consumers, Petrokemija d.d. and for providing gas delivery to Sisak-Moslavina County, Požega-Slavonija County, Zagreb County and Virovitica-Podravina County.