Plinacro and the Polish Gazoprojekt signed the Agreement

Zagreb, 30 October - Plinacro Ltd. signed the Agreement for carrying out the study and the functional specification for the first compressor station (CS) anticipated by the Ten-year Development Plan for the Gas Transmission System in the Republic of Croatia with the Polish company Gazoprojekt today in Zagreb. The Agreement was signed by Mr Ratimir Orešković, a member of the Board of Plinacro and Mr Marcin Jastrzębski, the President of the Board of Gazoprojekt. The signing of the Agreement with Gazoprojekt is the result of the international public tendering in which the above mentioned company was the most favourable Tenderer.
This is the first phase of the project of constructing the compressor station. Upon the completion of this first phase, and in compliance with its results, the designing and the purchase of compressor units as well as the construction itself are to commence. The relevant compressor station will have capacity to compress gas in the 75 bar transmission system as well as to compress possible surpluses of gas from the 50 bar into the 75 bar transmission system. This will make it possible to offer firm gas capacity (flow) in the direction of Hungary.
The total (estimated) value of the project of constructing the above mentioned compressor station amounts to around EUR 18 million. Putting the relevant compressor station into operation is planned by the end of 2017.