MoU signed by Plinacro and MOL Gas Transmission

Zagreb, May 31 – In Plinacro headquarters, the Memorandum of Understanding has been signed today between Plinacro Ltd and Hungarian MOL Gas Transmission. The purpose of the MoU is interconnection of the Hungarian and Croatian gas transmission system. The MoU was signed by the president of the Plinacro’s Board, Mr. Branko Radošević and the executive director of MOL Gas Transmission, Mr. Janos Zsuga. The MoU shows the continuation of a very good cooperation between the two companies, initiated after the joint sessions of Croatian and Hungarian governments, held last year in Budapest and this year in Zagreb.
The heads of Croatian and Hungarian companies have agreed to form expert teams to prepare and implement the project, which will, in the first phase, by the end of 2009, include the construction of the gas pipeline Donji Miholjac-Dravszerdahely on Croatian side, and the gas pipeline Dravszerdahely-Peć on Hungarian side. The second phase (by the end of 2010) foresees the construction of the gas pipeline from Donji Miholjac to Slavonski Brod in Croatia, and from Peć to Varosfold in Hungary. Plinacro has already submitted the request for the construction permit for the international gas pipeline Donji Miholjac-Dravszerdahely. For the gas pipeline from Donji Miholjac to Slavonski Brod, Plinacro has carried out the Environmental Impact Study preparation activities. On the other hand, Hungarian Mol intensified the activities to increase the transmission capacities from Ukraine.
The completion of this project will provide both countries with gas supply diversification, since the two-way transmission has been planned. Than will enable more flexible gas transmission system and gas supply through the shortest and most favourable route.