Extended Mandate of Plinacro Board Member Marin Zovko

At yesterday's session, the Assembly of Plinacro Ltd. made a decision to extend the mandate of Plinacro Board member Marin Zovko for additional 4 years.

The Board of Plinacro, which together with Marin Zovko consists of the President of the Board Ivica Arar and the member of the Board Daria Krstičević, has already made significant steps in improving and increasing the efficiency of the gas transmission system. The following strategic projects have been implemented: the first compressor station on the gas transmission system, which ensured a constant bi-directional gas flow on the interconnection with Hungary, and the reconstruction of the Rogatec - Zabok main gas pipeline, which enabled bi-directional gas flow on the interconnection with Slovenia. Four gas pipelines were constructed, Omanovac - Daruvar, Kneginec - Varaždin, Donji Miholjac - Belišće and Donji Miholjac - Osijek, with a total length of almost 50 kilometres. The Zlobin-Omišalj delivery gas pipeline was also constructed, vital for the functioning of the LNG terminal, which provided Croatia with an extremely important new diversified gas supply route. The strategic importance of this route gradually gained in importance due to the war in Ukraine.
The implementation of these projects is the crown of many years of efforts that have significantly raised the level of efficiency of the Croatian gas transmission system and enabled its tight integration into European gas flows as a factor of security and stability of supply.     
Aware of the guidelines of Energy Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia until 2030 with a view to 2050 and Croatia's geostrategic position, the Plinacro Board will continue to focus on strengthening the energy independence and stability of the Republic of Croatia and the surrounding countries. To this end, Plinacro is actively preparing a number of projects to increase gas transmission to the countries in the region. Plinacro is also following the guidelines and activities of the European Commission, which has developed REPowerEU measures and proposed a number of projects, and it is ready to start the construction of additional transit capacity in a very short time.
REPowerEU recognized that in the medium term, the expansion of the capacity of the LNG terminal on the island of Krk will further help mitigate dependence on Russian supply, for which it is necessary to improve the Croatian transmission system towards Slovenia and Hungary. These projects have previously been recognized as projects of common interest of the European Union and their preparation is partly financed by the EU funds.