Reverse flow with Hungary enabled

Zagreb, January 15 2020 - On January 16 2020, at the connection pipeline between Croatia and Hungary (Dravaszerdahely interconnection point), in addition to firm capacity for transport of gas in direction from Hungary to Croatia, firm capacity for transport of gas in the direction from Croatia to Hungary is available.
By creating the conditions for the permanent  physical flow of gas in the direction to Hungary, Plinacro has fulfilled its obligation to provide bi-directional capacity. Namely, in accordance with the regulations of the European Parliament and the Council concerning measures to safeguard the security of gas supply, gas transmission system operators are obliged to enable permanent physical capacity to transport gas in both directions (bi-directional capacity) at all interconnectors between Member States, except in case when exemption from that obligation is granted.
Following this commitment, Plinacro and FGSZ, the Hungarian gas transmission system operator, concluded an amendment to the Interconnection Agreement in accordance with European Commission Regulation 2015/703 on establishing network rules for interoperability and data exchange.
The users of the transmission system can contract standard capacity products on the interconnection point Dravaszerdahely according to the auction calendar, as follows: