Plinacro and Tranagaz signed a Memorandum of Understanding

Zagreb, 10 December 2019 – A meeting was held today between Transgaz, Romanian Gas Transmission System Operator and Plinacro.  On this occasion a Memorandum of Understanding was signed to explore the possibilities for mutually useful cooperation.  During the meeting both sides presented their regional development plans and discussed the possibility to cooperate on the projects of common interest.

On behalf of Transgaz the meeting was attended by Director General, Ion Sterian; Director of Design and Research Division, Mihai Leahu; Director of Development Division, Ion Tataru; Director of European Funds and International Relations Division, Daniela Meri Mocanu and Director of Financing, Subsidiary Support and Special Projects, Dan Niculaie. On behalf of Plinacro the meeting was attended by the Members of the Board, Daria Krstičević and Marin Zovko as well as Director of Transmission System Management and Capacity Sales Division, Ivana Marković; Head of Strategic Development Department, Robert Bošnjak and Head of EU funds Business Unit, Florijana Đedović.