Plinacro is a host of a specialist course “International Gas Value Chain” organised by the respected Energy Delta Institute (EDI)

At the initiative of Energy Delta Institute (EDI), a respectable Dutch business school specialised in the field of energy, Plinacro was pleased to host their specialist course “International Gas Value Chain“. The mentioned course started today with the welcoming speech of Mr Vedran Špehar, a Member of the Board of Plinacro, after which the representative of EDI introduced the course participants, in more details, with the content, concept and the time schedule of the relevant course. Also, through a short film presentation they got acquainted with their host, the Plinacro Company, its history, organisation, operation and future projects. 

Until 9 March, 14 participants from Russia, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium and Croatia will have opportunity to learn something new from very experienced and respected lecturers of Energy Delta Institute about topics such as exploration, production and commercialisation of gas as a natural resource, basics of natural gas transmission, storage and trading, gas infrastructure planning, strategy and regulatory issues in the European gas sector and get an insight into the global gas market through a comparative analysis.  

The course has been divided into 14 thematic units which will be presented to the participants over five working days. The course is not based on ex cathedra lectures by eminent experts, but it has an interactive character which implies active participation of the participants and exercises which will enable participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge through solving specific problem situation.

On the last day of the course, 9 March (Friday) an expert excursion will be organised which will include a visit to the underground gas storage Okoli.

Among the course participants of the expert course there are two employees of Plinacro: Hrvoje Krhen, Head of Development and Investment Department and Vlatka Predavec, Head of Capacity Management Business Unit.