Gas Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of the Central Eastern Europe region publish their Gas Regional Investment Plan 2017

(Brussels, 19 May 2017, PR0132-17) The TSOs of the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) region are pleased to release the Gas Regional Investment Plan 2017 (CEE GRIP) in line with Article 12(1) of the Regulation (EC) 715/2009.

The third edition of the CEE GRIP is strongly linked with the EU-wide Ten-Year Network Development Plan 2017 (TYNDP 2017). Beyond the TYNDP 2017, the CEE GRIP provides an additional overview of broader gas market dynamics by looking at aspects linked to supply scenarios, market integration, and the security of supply (SoS) on the regional level. The key analysed areas which formed the main focus of this report are: (a) the future development of gas transmission infrastructure in the CEE region, (b) specific simulations of network modelling to assess market integration and SoS, (c) the development of a regional approach to SoS demand and supply scenarios, (d) CEE GRIP Regional N-1 analysis up to a 10-year time frame, (e) a detailed focus on the potential of natural gas in the transportation sector.  

The Transmission System Operators of the CEE region hope that the CEE GRIP will provide useful information to all stakeholders and would encourage stakeholders to provide further comments and proposals in the consultation process, which starts today (19 May) and will be open until 9 June 2017. Stakeholders are also invited to participate in a workshop, which is scheduled to take place on 20 June 2017 from 14:00 in Prague. The final registration date for the workshop is 9 June 2017.

All remarks along with relevant comments on the CEE GRIP 2017 and registration requests for the workshop should be sent in English by 9 June 2017 to Zuzana Procházková (

The CEE GRIP 2017, including its annexes, can be downloaded from ENTSOG website here and the websites of involved TSOs.
This edition of the CEE GRIP was coordinated by NET4GAS, s.r.o. (the Czech Republic gas TSO).

Editorial notes
The CEE region for this GRIP comprises 10 countries and 18 TSOs: