Intensification of activities concerning the Ionian – Adriatic Pipeline project implementation

Zagreb, 23 April 2015 – A meeting of the representatives of the countries participants in the Ionian - Adriatic Pipeline project was held in Slano near Dubrovnika, on Wednesday, 22 April. A topic of discussion was a current status of the project and the future steps in the implementation of preparatory activities within this strategic regional project. Participants in the meeting were the high-ranking representatives of the competent Ministries of Croatia, Montenegro and Albania as well the representatives of Plinacro, Montenegro Bonus and Albpetrol, operators of the transmission systems in the mentioned countries responsible for the implementation of the project.

At the meeting it has been agreed to intensify further activities in order to coordinate joint activity and make it more effective. It has also been agreed to sign a Memorandum of understanding between Plinacro, Montenegro Bonus and Albpetro at an early date and establish joint working bodies for the implementation of the project.

Ionian – Adriatic Pipeline project which presents a link between the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) and the existing Croatian gas transmission system will enable supply of Albania, Montenegro, southern Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia as well as the countries in the surrounding with natural gas from new sources, primarily from the Caspian and Middle East sources.

Its capacity equals 5 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Its total length is 510 km out of which 250 km of the new 75 bar gas pipeline system belongs to the Croatian part. The total investments amount to EUR 620 million out of which EUR 330 million will be invested in Croatia.  

As a strategic regional project, due to the latest events on the European gas scene, the project has gained additional significance in providing reliable and competitive supply of southeast Europe with gas and this was pointed out also at the yesterday´s meeting.