Projects of Common Interest (PCI)

The European Commission has identified 12 strategic Trans-European energy infrastructure priorities, the implementation of which by 2020 is essential for the achievement of the Union’s energy and climate policy objectives. These priorities cover different geographic regions or thematic areas in the field of electricity transmission and storage, gas transmission, storage and liquefied or compressed natural gas infrastructure, smart grids, electricity highways, carbon dioxide transport and oil infrastructure.

The European Parliament and the Council on 17 April 2013 have taken the Regulation (EC) No 347/2013 on guidelines for Trans-European energy infrastructure and repealing Decision No 1364/2006/EC and amending Regulations (EC) No 713/2009, (EC) No 714/2009 and (EC) No 715/2009.
This Regulation lays down the rules for the timely development and interoperability of priority corridors and regions of Trans-European energy networks, and defines the projects of common interest required for the implementation of priority corridors and the regions that fall under the stated category.

Projects of common interest should comply with common, transparent and objective criteria in view of their contribution to the energy policy objectives and should be given the “priority status“ at the national level.

In compliance with article 3 paragraph 4 subparagraph 2 of the Regulation (EU) no. 347/2013, the Union list of projects of common interest is determined every two years. The new European Union list of projects of common interest has been determined by the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/389 of 31 October 2019.

Croatia takes part in the activities of two regional gas groups: Priority Corridor North - South Gas Interconnections in Central and South Eastern Europe (NSI East - Gas) and the Priority Corridor Southern Gas Corridor (SGS). All Croatian gas projects are from the valid List are the part of the Priority Corridor NSI East - Gas. The projects of Plinacro Ltd which are on the 4th List of Projects of Common Interest have been included in the following groups of projects:

1. Under 6.5. Cluster Krk LNG Terminal with connecting pipelines towards Hungary and beyond: 
               6.5.1 Connecting pipeline Omišalj - Zlobin
               6.5.2 Compressor station 1 at the Croatian gas transmission system

2. Under 6.26.1 Cluster Croatia - Slovenia - Austria at Rogatec, including:

- Interconnection Croatia - Slovenia (Lučko - Zabok - Rogatec)
- Compressor station 2 and 3 at the Croatian gas transmission system

Plinacro Ltd. is a promoter for all the above mentioned projects.

Consultations with the interested public

Consultations with the interested public are partly carried out through the following procedures:

Contact details of the project promotor:

PLINACRO Ltd., Savska cesta 88a, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Tel: +385 1 6301 777, Fax: +385 1 6301 724