Croatia-Slovenia Interconnection (Lučko-Zabok-Rogatec)

Along with the existing gas pipeline on the route Lučko-Zabok-Rogatec (SLO), a new gas pipeline is planned which could significantly increase the capacity of the interconnection of the Croatian and Slovenian transmission systems on this route which, having in mind almost all existing and new supply routes in the surrounding as well as the Croatian storage potentials, opens significant possibilities for the transmission in both directions. Gas pipeline capacity would be up to 5 bcm/a in both directions compared to the existing gas pipeline whose capacity is up to 1.8 bcm/a in the direction from Slovenia to Croatia. The gas pipeline construction is necessary for the security of supply of the Croatian market and the market of southeastern Europe.

The Croatia-Slovenia interconnection includes the following projects:
  • Lučko-Zabok DN 700/75 bar - L 36 km, Environmental Impact Study approved by the competent Ministry, obtaining of the location permit is underway
  • Zabok-Rogatec (SLO) DN 700/75 bar (Zabok-Jezerišće, Jezerišće-Sotla) - L 34 km; Environmental Impact Study has been drawn up, Environmental Impact Assessment procedure has been carried out and a positive Decision by the competent Ministry on the environmental acceptability of the project has been obtained; Basic design has been drawn up and the procedure of obtaining the location permit is underway.
The capacity of the new interconnection gas pipeline Lučko-Zabok-Rogatec will be 5 bcm/a.