Instructions for Balance Responsible Parties

A Balance Responsible Party (BRP) organizes and leads a balance group. BRP is responsible for balancing of the balance group, i.e. for balancing of daily gas quantities input into the transmission system and off take from the transmission system, by the balance group.
In order for an energy entity to become a BRP, it must register in the Balance Responsible Parties Registry of the Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE), i.e. to conclude the prescribed contracts with HROTE pursuant to the Rules on the Organisation of the Gas Market.
Upon registration, BRP and the Transmission System Operator shall regulate the following:
  1. Conclude a Contract on Access to the Information Platform of the Transmission System Operator
BRP shall duly and accurately fill out the Contract and the accompanying Annex and deliver the signed documents to the Transmission System Operator to the e-mail .
The Transmission System Operator shall create a user account for the BRP, assign him with a password and provide user instructions in the SUKAP platform.
2. Deliver information concerning the balance group members
BRP shall deliver a list of members of the balance group it organises and leads, to the e-mail , i.e. the BRP it is obliged to deliver an up-to-date list of the balance group members before submitting each request for capacity booking.
3. Deliver information for official and operational contact
BRP is obliged to deliver the information on official and operational contact (for the role of BRP), to e-mail address , and shall provide information on any change of the contact in a timely manner.
BRP submits capacity booking requests for members of the balance group it organizes and leads (for details, see the instruction on capacity booking and contracting, that is, the instruction on capacity booking and contracting at an interconnection).
BRP is responsible for nominating gas quantities, balancing of the balance group and for all costs related to balancing and deviation of the balance group it organizes and leads.