Contracting Capacities at Entries and Exits in the RC


A gas supplier or trader whishing to use the gas transmission service at entries and exits in Croatia, shall conclude a Gas Transmission Contract with the Transmission System Operator, i.e. it shall submit, via SUKAP, a Request for conclusion of a
Gas Transmission Contract no later than 10 days before the deadline for submission of the capacity booking request, in accordance with the Transmission System Network Code.

The Gas Transmission Contract form is available at the following link.

For the purpose of drafting the Gas Transmission Contract, it is necessary to fill out the Master Data Form, available at the following link: Master Data.
The completed Form should be sent to the e-mail address: .


The Capacity Booking Request shall be submitted by the Balance Responsible Party for the balance group it organizes and leads, for each Transmission System User for each individual transmission system entry and exit, provided that the Transmission System User has a valid Gas Transmission Contract with the Transmission System Operator, for the period it intends to submit the capacity booking request for.

The Capacity Booking Request can be submitted on a yearly, quarterly, monthly, daily and within-daily basis for the period of at least 1 hour and 15 years at the most.

The Request is submitted via the information platform of the Transmission System Operator (SUKAP) that the Balance Responsible Party accesses with the assigned user account and user rights.

The Transmission System Operator shall allocate transmission system capacities according to the received Capacity Booking Requests and available transmission system capacity, separately for each individual transmission system entry and exit point. 

Deadlines for the submission of Capacity Booking Requests and capacity allocation: