A work meeting of Plinacro, Plinovodi and LNG Croatia

Possibility of extending the interconnection between gas pipeline systems of Croatia and Slovenia 
Following the meeting of the Croatian Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković and the Slovenian Prime Minister, Robert Golob held in March this year, at which one of the topics was also energy cooperation between the neighbouring countries, a work meeting of the representatives of the Slovenian and Croatian gas transmission system operators, companies Plinovodi and Plinacro, and the representatives of LNG Croatia was held today in Zagreb. 
Representatives of Plinacro, led by the President of the Board, Ivica Arar and the Member of the Board, Darija Krstičević hosted today representatives of Plinovodi, led by the Director, Marjan Ebernlinc, and the Director of LNG Croatia, Hrvoje Krhen to discuss a possibility of extending the interconnection of the Croatian and Slovenian gas systems and supply of Slovenia as well as Central and Eastern Europe with a gas coming from the LNG terminal on the island of Krk, for the purpose of enhancing the security of supply and decreasing a dependence on the Russian gas. All parties expressed their readiness to cooperate on the development of this, in strategic sense, extremely important project. 

“Aware of the determinants from the strategy and geostrategic position of Croatia as well as the potential for additional transit of gas towards the markets in the region, Plinacro has been actively preparing a number of projects in order to enhance transmission of gas towards the region. For this purpose, guidelines and activities of the European Commission, which drew up the REPowerEU Plan and suggested a number of projects, have been followed and we are ready to commence a construction of additional transit capacities in a very short period of time “, pointed out President of Plinacro Board, Ivica Arar. 
Capacity increase of the LNG terminal to 6.1 billion cubic meters of gas per year and the construction of the Zlobin – Bosiljevo gas pipeline will create a precondition for further development of gas transmission system and increase of gas transmission in the direction of Hungary and Slovenia. Thanks to timely planning and development of the project it is expected for the Zlobin – Bosiljevo gas pipeline to be constructed within the period from two to two and a half years. The backbone of the possible supply to Slovenia, Austria and other countries in Central Europe is based on expanding the capacity of the existing Lučko-Zabok-Rogatec gas pipeline which would be achieved through the construction of a parallel gas pipeline of larger diameter and larger operating pressure - Lučko-Zabok-Jezerišće - Sotla (70km) gas pipeline system. Gas pipelines towards Slovenia are included on the last PCI list. Procedures of procuring and contracting equipment and works may commence immediately after necessary financial means are provided and a final investment decision is taken.