Plinacro at the conference Green Deal in the Croatian economy – energy: resilience in crises situations

Conference Green Deal in the Croatian economy – energy: resilience in crises situations, was held in the organisation of Poslovni dnevnik, in the Sheraton Hotel, in Zagreb, on 3 April 2022.
The aim of this conference is to initiate a discussion on the issues that the energy sector is facing today in the crises caused by the aggression against Ukraine as well as to open the topic of energy self-sufficiency and implementation of energy transition in Croatia.
Panel discussions and expert presentations initiate public discussions with all relevant stakeholders in energy sector and highlight the challenges and obstacles as well as the opportunities that Croatia is facing as a part of the European Union. 

At the beginning of the conference, the editor-in-chief of the business magazine Poslovni dnevnik, Mr Vladimir Nišević welcomed all the participants. After the welcome speech Mr Nišević had a conversation with Mr Ivo Milatić, the State Secretary at the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, who emphasized that the European Unio is making great efforts to reduce its dependence on energy sources coming from Russia. “Croatia’s position is that we will keep working on the diversification of energy routes. Primarily it is our LNG project, which has already been increased to 2.9 billion cubic meters of gas through some technical modifications, and in the following period it could be increased to 3.5 billion.“, said Mr Milatić. He said that a strategically significant energy investment in the LNG plant in Omišalj, with a capacity of 6.1 billion cubic meters of gas, was being considered as well. However, he concluded that such a large investment could be implemented only if the European Union would be interested in it and support it financially.

Foto: Matija Habljak, Pixsell

After the interview there was an hour-long panel discussion on the topic “Oil and gas – a story about self-sufficiency“ attended by the Member of the Board of Prvo plinarsko društvo, Mrs Ivana Ivančić; Director of Strategic Operations and Public Affairs of INA, Mr Hrvoje Glavaš; independent experts Mr Igor Dekanić and Mr Davor Štern, and the Member of the Board of Plinacro, Mr Marin Zovko.

Foto: Matija Habljak, Pixsell
The panellists discussed the foreseen impacts of the crises on a domestic industry and the price of energy sources for the citizens and economy. They also analysed Croatian independence from oil and gas import, and consequently also possible alternative energy sources. They also reflected a strategic importance and energy stability that the LNG terminal provided for the Croatian gas economy, potential related projects as well as possible modifications, adjustments and enhancements of the European Green Deal projects. 
“Further increasing LNG terminal capacity requires investments in the gas transmission system infrastructure, however, in addition to security of gas supply of the Republic of Croatia such investments would enable transmission of significant gas quantities into the neighbouring countries, which would provide independence from the Russian gas. For this purpose, Plinacro has been developing projects which are enabling capacity increase and reducing dependence on the Russian gas for this part of Europe. Mentioned projects had been recognised also by the European Commission which co-financed these projects in the previous years. According to ENTSOG scenarios regarding disruptions in the supply from Russia, Hungary and Slovenia are in particular vulnerable and the LNG terminal on the island of Krk with the associated gas pipelines for gas delivery has been recognised as the best solution” was pointed out by Mr. Zovko.  - 
In the continuation of the conference two more panel discussions were held on the topic “European electrical circuit“ and “… and in the future renewable energy sources “.