Plinacro - Partner of the 9th SIMONE congress

Ninth SIMONE congress, which was organised by the companies SIMONE Research Group from Czech Republic and LIWACOM GmbH from Germany as well as Plinacro and Končar KET, as domestic partners, was held in-mid October in Dubrovnik. It was a regular meeting of the companies involved in the activities of natural gas transmission and distribution as well as IT companies involved in the development and integration of the programming solutions regarding computer simulations of gas pipeline network and other program applications, which are tightly connected to gas transmission and gas transmission system management.
SIMONE is the name of sophisticated programming package used for the simulation of the gas pipeline network. It is a product of the company with the same name, SIMONE Research Group from Prague, which is a company of long tradition and credible references. Since the construction of the new Dispatcher Centre within the Plinacro business facility in Zagreb, in 2008, provided all the necessary technical preconditions for the implementation of the most contemporary programming solutions, SIMONE programming package became integrated part of the Plinacro´s new system for remote control and management of the gas transmission system, that same year. It has been used for the simulation of the gas transmission system in the real time, as well as for the special simulations for the purpose of planning of execution of works on the gas transmission system and hydraulic analysis related to planning of new gas pipelines.
Forty-two companies and 89 participants from 15 countries took part in this year’s, ninth in a row, SIMONE congress. As a partner of the project, Company Plinacro was a host of the first joint dinner of all congress participants, and Mr. Mladen Čavić, B.Sc.Eng. had an honour to give a welcoming speech and to present activities and development plans of Plinacro, at the beginning of the professional part of the congress.
Fourteen professional works were presented at the congress. One of them was a presentation of a joint work of Mr. Josip Jovanovac, Head of Plinacro´s Capacity Management Department and Mr. Martin Styble , from the company SIMONE. The topic of their work was current implementation of SIMONE programming solutions in Plinacro, along with presentation of achieved results and specific solutions developed especially for Plinacro as well as short review of planned functionality extension and integration of SIMONE solutions in the future information system for the commercial management of the gas transmission.
Due to great response and presence of the companies involved in gas transmission, SIMONE congress is a great opportunity for realisation of valuable contacts with experts of other gas transmission system operators as well as sharing of experiences with the colleagues who are also directly involved in the same specialised activity.