Demand Assessment Report 2017

In the period from 7 April to 2 June 2017, in compliance with article 26 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/459 (hereinafter: CAM Regulation), Plinacro as the Croatian transmission system operator carried out the first market demand assessment for incremental capacity for all interconnection points.

Based on the received indicative requests, in cooperation with adjacent transmission system operators (Plinovodi, FGSZ) Plinacro prepared Demand Assessment Reports for interconnection points as follows:

In the period of market demand assessment, in addition to the request for incremental interconnection points, Plinacro received indicative requests for capacity demand for new interconnection point towards non-EU member states.

CAM Regulation stipulates that the Regulation is applied to all interconnection points with a possibility of application to entry/exit points of third countries (non-EU member states) on the condition that the relevant national regulatory bodies adopted the decision on application of CAM Regulation. Having in mind the fact that third countries for which Plinacro received demand requests do not apply CAM Regulation, in the following table Plinacro announced aggregated demand for new interconnection points.