Market Demand Survey

Plinacro’s Non-Binding Firm Capacity Demand Survey on Interconnection Points
According to Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/459 Article 26 (further on: New Regulation CAM) Plinacro Ltd., as the transmission system operator shall co-operate with adjacent TSOs in the process of assessing market demand for incremental capacity for their joint interconnection points.

Plinacro’s Non-Binding Firm Capacity Demand Survey will be conducted from 7 April to 2 June 2017. Network users can submit demand indicators for firm capacity on interconnection points by filling in the table "Non-Binding Firm Capacity Demand Survey on Interconnection Points" and the table "Data Collection Information" (tables available at the following link).
In agreement with the adjacent Transsmission system operators Plinacro will publish the results in a demand assessment report, on Plinacro official website.

Detailed description of the Non-Binding Firm Capacity Demand Survey on Interconnection Points can be found at the following link (link).
Timeline of Incremental process, source: ENTSO-G


We kindly ask you to send the filled in tables to the following e-mail:  by 2nd June 2017.

Demand Assessment Report

Consultation with the interested public

After assessing the market demand for incremental capacity, Plinacro has based on the Demand Assessment Report, in co-operation with Plinovodi, prepared an Incremental Capacity Project.
Realization of the Incremental Capacity Project would enable  physical flow of gas from Croatia (VTP) to Slovenia (VTP) through the entry/exit point Rogatec, and bi- directional increase of the capacity on interconnection between Slovenia and Croatia.
More information on the Incremental Capacity Project can be downloaded at the following link: Incremental Capacity Project HR-SI
In accordance with Article 27 of the CAM Regulation, Plinacro and Plinovodi are jointly carrying out consultations with the interested public on the proposal of the Incremental Capacity Project. Consultations will take place in the period from 29 November to 29 December 2017.

All interested and professional public can submit their suggestions, opinions and responses to Plinacro via the Complaint Form. The Complaint Form must be sent to Plinacro at the following address: , by 29 December 2017 at the latest.

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