Mission, vision, goals

As the gas transmission system operator, Plinacro Ltd is in charge of:
- natural gas transmission and transit;
- managing (supervision and control), maintenance, development and construction of the gas transmission system;
- non-discriminatory access to the transmission system when economically and technologically reasonable;
- balancing of gas quantities in the gas transmission system;
- connecting with other gas transmission systems.
Additionally, Plinacro Ltd guarantees long-term ability of the gas transmission system to comply with the requirements of the gas transmission, in order to provide the use of natural gas as environmentally the most favourable energy source.

Plinacro tends to be esteemed and leading energy entity in the gas business in Croatia and an important strategic energy partner in the region and the European Union, that enables its owners to implement energy obligations in a transparent and socially responsible way, and provides its customers with safe and reliable natural gas transmission, as environmentally sound and most economical energy source under the conditions of the liberalised market.

- Satisfaction of gas transmission system users and their confidence;
- Considering the needs, interests and qualifications of employees by the system of awarding and promotion, since they are an irreplaceable creative potential;
  overall support for accomplishment of goals;
- Implementing the principles of sustainable development and promoting coexistence with nature;

- Cooperation with the community and population in the regions of our activities;

- Safe and reliable natural gas transmission by the gas transmission system of the Republic of Croatia;
- Maintenance of full availability of the gas transmission system;
- Creating technical-technological preconditions for the increase of transmission capacities, i.e. transmission capacity market and the capacity of natural gas storage;
- Continued gasification of the Republic of Croatia with the aim of uniform economic development as well as availability and possibility to choose among energy sources for all Croatian citizens;
- Connecting the gas transmission system with gas transmission systems of neighbouring countries;
- Natural gas transit by the gas transmission system of the Republic of Croatia;
- Balance of operative charges and investment with the income through implementing plans of development and business plans;
- Sustainable business activities through liquidity and solvency of the company;
- Own investment in fixed assets;
- Achievement of reasonable gain.